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Kettering Stone are all about doing something different, creating, experimenting and daring. Having said that we know the importance of classic and timeless designs.

I'm all about trying to create something new and different for you to display in your home or garden. Although I am also a great believer that true classic and timeless designs will never be beaten so I can only try and aspire to add to these. 


Fashions and trends come and go and they will also look dated as time passes, the difficulty is creating and producing a classic piece.


It is important for stone work to be affordable to the people that it appeals to which is why our range of products stretch from wet cast ornaments to handmade bespoke items.

With many years experience in the stone industry I have trained in other trades only to return to the one that inspires and satisfies my passion for creating, making, experimenting and completing.


The team around me includes both parents Arthur and Helen helping with manufacturing, Luke with his mouldmaking knowledge of bespoke wooden moulds based in the Creaton mouldmaking workshop and Pete with his extensive knowledge of the stone industry being instrumental in the development of one of the worlds largest cast stone manufacturer.


Matthew Downing-Jones

Founder of Kettering Stone


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